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Basic information about us

Silk and polyester ties

Founding date: 8. 4. 1997
Scope of business:
- Wholesale, retail
- Intermediation in trade, services, manufacturing
- Advertising
Ruzickova 511, Holesov 76901, Czech Republic

History and present of company

1997 - 2002:
In the beginning, our company is engaged primarily selling advertising diaries and other promotional items.
2002 - 2006:
In this period we have continued to sell promotional items and the main activity of the company became the creation of websites, graphic design of logos and other graphics work. Since 2004, the company focused on foreign trade in export and import.
In this period we started with the first meetings with production companies about selling ties.
In autumn 2007 we started selling silk and polyester neckties and bowties through aour e-shop www.e-tie.cz.
In the initial stage, we offer 80 different designs of silk and polyester ties and 20 designs of silk and polyester bowtie on our webpage.
In 2008 we started production of custom ties, scarves and shawls. In the summer of this year, we launched another collection of silk and polyester neckties. For the first time we offered microfibre neckties.
In the middle of the year we began coopearate with Amway company in Czech Republic, for which we have made a custom collection of ties. At the same time we also started selling ties abroad.
This year we have started as the first company in the Czech Republic with luxury self-tipping silk ties. Currently we offer over 300 different silk, polyester and microfiber ties. More than half of our designs are immediately available on e-shop www.e-tie.cz.

Minimum quantity

We provide our customers with maximum care and we try to meet the terms of the minimum quantity of your orders of ties, bowties or scarves.

Delivery time

If you need fast delivery of your order, you can rely on us.

Price for you

We want to build long-term cooperation with our customers and for this reason we offer the best services.

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